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Volatile organic compounds sampler CPV-COV, CPV-COV-S


 System to collect samples at absortion tubes to its later analysis at laboratory

Technical characteristics:

  • Flow regulation from 0 to 2 l/min through a masic flow regulator
  • (Optionally 0 to 100 ml/min, 0 to 500 ml/min and 0 to 1 l/min)
  • Display of:
    • Programmed flow
    • Present flow
    • Total flow accumulated
    • Sample time and scheduled sample time
  • Easy programation by keys:
    • Flow
    • Sample time
    • Beginning time
  • Automatic flow compensation
  • Telecontrol output, that allows the activation of the remote or programmed control (optional)
  • Admits captation tubes of 6 x 70 mm and 8 x 110 mm
  • There is a CPV-VOC's version which incorporates a module mounted on a 3 u. rack of 19" that allows the sequential sampling up to 8 aditional samples


Box for 19" rack
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
Consumption: 70W maximum
Weight: 10/22 Kg


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