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La empresa

MCV is a company founded in the year 1982 to design, develop and manufacture equipment and systems related with the environment.

At the beginning the company limited its activities to the manufacture of equipment based on manual methods for the sampling of inmission gases and particles. At the same time, the company made research in other type of equipment and technologies, which enabled MCV to start its manufacture of analysers and equipment based on automatic methods by the 1986.

Nowadays MCV has its complete and modern installations located in Collbató (Barcelona, Spain) from where the company can start projects of great scope, such as mobile units and remote stations.

Ambitos de actuación

These are the main fields of activity of the company:

  • Air pollution.
  • Meteorology
  • Waste water

MCV has inside its installations a full equipped station with pollutants analysers and an automatic weather station where the equipment is working under real conditions that are tested continuously, contributing to an experience that is offered to the users to recommend the preventive maintenance labours.

As a complement to these activities, MCV has an After Sales Service, which is the most valuable service of the firm, giving all our experience and training to the service of our customers.

The After Sales Service has all the necessary resources to give the fastest and most effective solution to the problems that may appear.

In the late years the company has focused its efforts in the fields of air pollution and meteorology, putting us in an outstanding position within the national market.

Nuestras instalaciones

The headquarters are located inside a land of 50.000 m2, of which 2.000 m2 are built to take in all the services.

The technical departments are: mechanical machinery, electronic department and the design laboratory, all of them well-equipped with all the necessary resources. There are also auxiliary departments as the warehouse and the packaging and deliveries departments.

The human resources are composed by a staff of 30 employees, of whom the majority are highly qualified in the fields of mechanical, electronics and IT.

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