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Low volume sampler MCV CPV-8D/A

Low volume sampler for SO2 and smoke in inmision, suitable for 8 periods of sampling

Sampler composed by 8 bubblers with a capacity of 150 ml., with inner tube of plain open bottom and 8 filter holders of brass with a diameter of 5 cm and 1 cm diameter mark, pump blower and volumetric meter.

Includes an inner battery to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of current-chopping.

Programmer clock supplied by independent battery, ensuring the change of channel although possible incidents. Automatic stop by the end of the cycle to avoid sampling overlap.

Metallic water tightness box with handle for transportation and front door.

Heating resistance in the base of the bubblers to avoid freezing of the sampling solutions for working in cold conditions. Automatic or manual activation.

Switch for start/stop, heating, inner lighting lamp. Switchboard for start, stop, cycle start, checking and channel change. 8 leds to identify the working channel. Regulation flow.

Technical characteristics

  • Aspiration flow: from 40 to 150 l/h.
  • Flow lecture: mechanic meter from 00000,000 to 99999,999 m3.
  • Capacity of the flow meter: 0,04 m3/h - 2,5 m3/h (max)
  • Timer: adjustable from 1 to 24 h. per channel at intervals of 15 min
  • Smoke collection area: 2,54 cm Ø
  • Filter holder size: 5 cm Ø
  • Filter size: 5,5 cm Ø
  • Electomagnetic pump with membrane
  • Supply: 220 V / 50 Hz and 12 Vcc (external battery)
  • Consumption: 75 W (without lighting nor heating)
  • Outside dimensions: 1000 x 250 x 600 mm
  • Weight: 60 Kg

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