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System for dynamic dilution MCV CAL 110

System for multipoint and multiparameter calibration, type CAL

It allows the generation of standard calibration gases from bottles of high concentration, by dilution of zero air or nitrogen, with a dilution relation of even 500:1 and with exhaust standard gas flows from 100 cc/min until 10 l/min.

Ozone generator included as photometer to measure the generated ozone, with correction for pressure and temperature.

Titration on gas phase from NO to NO2 that enables the calibration of NO2 analysers from NO bottle.

The pneumatic circuit includes:

  • 4 inlets for bottle of gas
  • 1 inlet for zero air/nitrogen
  • 4 exhaust for calibration gas
  • 1 exhaust for venting

The gas inlets are suitable for simple gas, compounds or moistures.

All the inner pipes, electrically operated valves, couplings, chambers, etc. are made on stainless steel, glass or teflon, suitable for corrosive agents.

Flow regulation by mass controllers for flow of high precision, ±1% f.e.

Wide calibration program managed by a powerful microprocessor.

It allows the program of dilution ramps and calibration sequences.

Manual operation on local mode, pre-programmed automatic mode and remote control.

Easy to use program through an interactive menu shown in LCD display of 240 x 128.


  • RS-232 channel
  • Telecontrol connector for coming orders and exit orders/states
  • Telecontrol allocation channels programmable

Supply: 220 V - 50 Hz

Maximum consumption: 100 W

Assembly: Box for rack of 19", 4 U

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