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Automatic weather station MCV EM-200

Automatic weather station MCV EM-200, new version, improved and upgraded from EM-100 type
Unit for concentration and analysis of data from even 14 meteorological sensors in the following conditions:

Sensor type: Maximum number:
Temperature (Pt100).  4
Temperature (power).  2
Relative humidity (resistive).  4
Relative humidity (capacitative-power).  2
Wind direction (double potentiometer).  2
Wind direction (power).  2
Solar radiation (power).  2
Precipitation (pulses).  1
Pressure (inner).

The number of sensors of temperature and relative humidity can not exceed a total of 6 units, 4 resistive type and 2 power type. The pressure sensor in integrated in  the analogical board.
It also admits the lecture of even 8 digital inputs and there are 8 digital outputs.

It has also the following technical specifications:

  • Graphic display of 240 x 128
  • Buffer of inner memory of 512 Kbytes
  • RS232 output with galvanic isolation
  • Printer
  • Program to generate and elaborate averages at selectable intervals of 5, 15, 30 or 60 min. with vector treatment of the winds
  • Automatic generation of the daily resumes
  • Generation of resumes at convenience
  • Inner battery power lecture
  • Low consumption technology
  • Autonomous at electricity cuts thanks to its inner battery
  • Mounted in box for 19” rack
  • Power supply 220 Vca / 50 Hz and 12 Vcc

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