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Meteorological radars

C-band meteorological radar based on TWT systems, fully integrated by MCV from parts of Applied Systems, Orbit GTS, Ratech and Sigmet.


Technical specifications:

  • 8,50 m diameter
  • Sandwich panel A type
  • Maximum attenuation of 0,26 dB in each direction
  • Maximum velocity over azimuth 36 deg/sec
  • Minimum acceleration over azimuth 18 deg/sec2
  • Elevation range from –2 to 90 degrees
  • Maximum velocity over elevation 12 deg/sec
  • Orientation accuracy as least 0,1 deg
  • 3,80 m diameter
  • Typical gain 44 dB
  • Beam width 1,1 degree
  • Peak side lobe less than –32 dB
  • Horizontal linear polarization
  • Coherent amplifier based on TWT
  • C band (5600 to 5650 MHz)
  • Peak power at least 7500 W
  • Pulse width configurable from 0,5 to 20 µs
  • PRF from 200 to 3000 Hz
  • Duty Cycle of 4%
  • Medium power 300 W
  • Pulse compression
  • Pulse staggering
  • Air refrigeration
Radar control processor
  • Integrated check equipment (BITE)
  • Capable of monitoring different signals from other subsystems as air conditioners, power generator, UPS, etc.
  • Antena application which is useful to point easily the antenna
Local Software

The local processor goes with the IRIS Radar software over Linux platform on PC, that enables, among others, the following functions:

  • Radar tasks configuration
  • Carry out tasks in a certain sequence
  • Product generation configuration
  • Carry out the generation of the configured products
  • Distribution of the products to the workstations
  • Real time display
  • Animation sequences with the stored images
  • Data store
  • Maintenance of the database
  • Messages
  • Overlays


  • Digital type
  • Noise factor less than 1 dB
  • Dynamic range less than 95 dB
  • IF frequency 60 MHz
  • MDS better than –113 dBm at 1 µs (depending on the pulse width)
  • Generates dual digital channel with samples of 14 bits each
  • Range bins at least 2000
  • Bin resolution at least 65 m
Signal processor
  • Non-corrected reflectivity
  • Corrected reflectivity
  • Doppler velocity
  • Spectral width
  • Reflectivity is corrected by:
    • Attenuation by range effect
    • Attenuation by oxygen presence
  • Angular resolution is at least 1 degree
  • Pulse compression algorithm. Enables spatial resolution of 1 microsecond with pulses of even 20 microseconds length, giving a sensibility equivalent to a radar with a power emission 20 times higher
  • Unambiguous velocity equal or better than 48 m/sec interweaving pulses
  • A-Scope utility
Software for the Management Center

Equipped with the IRIS Analysis software that enables the control of the remote processor as if we were in the place
Main functions:

  • Generation of meteorological products
  • Control and supervision of the remote system
  • Management of the generated information
  • Management of the communications and reception of the raw data from the radar

Generation of meteorological products. It includes, at least:

  • PPI: Plan Position Indicator
  • RHI: Range Height Indicator
  • CAPPI: Constant Altitud PPI
  • ETOP:  Echo Top (Z, R)
  • PCAPPI: Pseudo CAPPI
  • XSECT: Vertical Cross Section
  • EBAS: Echo Base (Z, R)
  • TOPS: Echo Top Height
  • MAX: Maximum Reflectivity Display

And the following hydrological products:

  • VIL: Vertically Integrated Liquid
  • RAIN1: Hourly Rain Accumulation
  • RAINN: N-Hour Rain Accumulation
  • SRI: Surface Rainfall Intensity
  • SHR: Surface Hourly Rainfall


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