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Network management

MCV manages different networks of air quality, water quality and meteorological variables.


Network management is an integral service and it covers different tasks as:


  • To provide projects in order to locate new stations
  • Installation and supply of new equipment
  • Station relocation
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of manual and authomatic equipment




  • Create work protocols for specific operations of calibration, sample collection and shipment of samples of manual equipments to lab
  • Operation and validation of the data, completion of reports on a monthly and annual basis
  • To liaise with various reference lab of air quality such as ISCIII, NILU and IVL discussing comparison exercises
  • Attendance at seminars, conferences, congresses and workshops related to networks



MCV has professional staff for developing software which offers the chance to integrate or customize any operating system for each client.

This enables the tasks of adquisition, management, validation and control of the information of each network.




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