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Technical Assistance Service

MCV has its own Technical Assistance Service and it carries out tasks of maintenance, repairment, verification and calibrations of measurement instruments both on site or in the company features.

The Technical Assistance Service covers the design and the complete installation of the air quality control and monitoring network, weather stations and weather radars. These areas includes: cabins, measurement instrumentation, remote stations (permanent or mobile), meteorological towers and data acquisition systems.

The workforce in the Technical Assistance Service of MCV is one of the most important parts of the company, due to the team has been constantly trained, highly qualified and specialized. It possesses the means and technical resources to give and effective response to the customer requirements.

MCV supports their customers with its features, equipment and technical assistance in order to give an integral and professional service.

MCV is continuosly striving to achieve high standards, training on ongoing basis staff and customers. Therefore, customers can incorporate the last updates and innovations when required.

The training activities are accomplished through techncial advice sessions and include different areas as using, manipulation, calibration of instruments and equipments, quality assurance and safety at work.

MCV has the Calibration Lab accredited by ENAC. The Calibration Lab supports the Technical Assistance Service to make calibrations in the areas of flow rate and concentration of gases. Additionaly in the Calibration Lab there are around twenty standards with traceability to national and international standards. These are used to calibrate the standards used by the technician in their tasks of preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment and instrumentation.


MCV is borne out by experience from the beginning and the quality service, excelling client's expectations for more than 30 years. We are guaranteed by wide number of institutions, firms, companies and government agencies. All of them have contracted our services troughout this long period.


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